Test if /nickserv identify nick password works first, replacing "nick" with a registered nick and "password" with the correct password.

If the command works, you need only the 1st (2 line) script.
Change the word "password" on the 2nd line to your real password.
Type /ident

If your network doesn't allow /nickserv identify nick password, then use the second script which changes nicks before identifying.
Change the word "password" on the 4th line to the real password.
Type /ident

Both rely on 'nicklist.txt' being in mircs folder.
Also note that you'd need to remove the previous 'ident' alias to allow this one to function.

Edit: Noticed you'd used $nickserv password in your original script. Perhaps you have a custom nickserv identifier returning the password, if so, you can change "password" to "$nickserv"

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