if *Popular Titles* iswm %a { dialog -m result result | did -a result 1 $_htmlconv($gettok(%a,5-,62)) }
      else did -a result 1 $_htmlconv(%a) | window @imdb | aline @imdb $gettok(%a,2,34)

If they are the results you want to match, the match to the dialog line would be at $line(@imdb,$did(1).sel)
on *:dialog:result:sclick:*: {
  if ($did == 2) {
    if $did($dname,1,1).sel { set %movieinfolink2 $line(@imdb,$v1) }

Why not add the locations to another (hidden) dialog list instead of the @window? Then...
set %movieinfolink2 $did(99,$did(1).sel)
^^ assumes the new list id is "99"