ok, lol, I already have a problem :|, Here's what i'm trying to do, the word 'Injector' is on that one page, but, this isn't working for me, i don't think I put it in the right place, here's what I have:
on *:SOCKREAD:xbc_login2: {
  var %read

  if ($sock($sockname).mark) {
    /sockread %read
    if (!%read) /sockmark $sockname
  else {
    /sockread &read
    /bwrite index.html -1 -1 &read
  [color:red]if (*Injector* iswm %read) { echo -a INJECTOR Found! }[/color]

I replaced the red part with just echo -a %read, and, I got this, so, i doubt that I put it in the right place, would anyone tell me where to
put it?

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