Every time I try to receive a dcc file, my computer eventually crashes. The send will usually work for a varied amount of time but the result is always a crash/reboot of my system. When the system boots back up I get the standard your system has recovered from a serious crash message from windows with no details. What's strange is that this problem has occurred in several different versions of mIRC (6.2 / 6.12 / 6.14 / 6.16) as well as in dIRC. I've exhausted the iphlpapi.dll solutions from this thread: http://forums.mirc.com/s...p;page=1#165938
to no avail. I've just moved from my home to my college dorm. When I've used mIRC at home I've never had this problem, is there anyway my university could be accidentally crashing my computer by blocking dcc some way, though it would be odd that they wouldn't just block the ports to connect to the servers. If anyone could offer any help I'd be grateful.
(Not looking for any "mirc is not a file sharing program" flaming, there are pefectly legit ways of utilizing DCC, even if some people exploit the feature)