well, you see, i am telling you that the way i posted above, is how you do it, read the mIRC.hlp file and it will say the samething, the only problem i can see, is that $nick isnt an identifer for the event you are trying to use it on, or your physicaly typing /set %var. $+ $nick

in which case, you need to type TWO // for it to process identifers from the command line...

//set %var. $+ $me This variable(%var. $+ $me $+ ) Holds this data now
//echo -a $eval($+(%,var.,$me),2)

Copy And Paste That Into Any Window(Status or channel) and you will get an echo similar to:

This variable(%var.Stranger) Holds this data now

and you can Open your remote editor, and look at the variables, and would you beleive it....? %var.yourname will BE there!