sorry if i was too harsh, and i do appreciate your responding to my query rationally.

i do think it's a bit of a rediculous statement to say that this isn't needed because it can already be done. one may argue that you can do it through other methods, or that it's just too small of an improvement to mirc to even consider adding, but i feel it's injust to complain that it is completely invalidated by the fact that it can be done with $gettok. that isn't true, as i've explained as well as i can -- sorry, my gift is not communication, especially not typed communication.

i do know what $999 is and why it's there. that's the point i was trying to make, it will never be used for anything else anyway, so it will not modify mirc in an adverse way, just simply make an extension of its existing capabilities.

i was not getting defensive about my scripting abilities, but i was getting rather frustrated with people responding saying "oh, this can be done with $gettok". i obviously know that (though i made the mistake of not plainly stating that in my original post, and i realize that). when someone says that a feature is not needed because it's already there when the specifics of my request or not, that's a direct offense against my knowledge of how scripting works, point blank.

i do appreciate the suggestions of loki and king tomato giving scripting examples, but really that wouldn't be as convenient as using it the way i suggested.

i really do not have a problem with people thinking i'm uneducated in the scripting ways. even if i weren't, i would become upset if someone would say that my idea is invalid simply because there are working examples of how to "get this done" when the beef of the feature suggestion is not to make some ground breaking changes, but to simply allow scripters to type a little less.