some people on my server log in with different names all the time. is there a way to keep a log or have a whois when they join the channel and msg that to a channel or person so that i know who it is. maybe have a log of everyone on the channel so that i can clck there name and see who else they have been for nicks. seems huge but i hope its simple enough. and answer this when you reply... when you come here is it to help people learn or flex your knowledfe on programming? i know only basic from the old days and i loved to ask people for programs and make it.. thank you. and another thing with this.. some people join from seperate IP addresses. so if user X joins with these 3 ip's and then desides to change his nick to whatever on #3 and then joins later on ip #1 with a different nick. can that be recorded as well? basically linking each username with each ip and keeping a running list of it..

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