Hai, I am glad to see you are using my hashtable I posted at SwiftIRc forums.

As how to access and use this data is the cache for moochers : ))
on mIRC client, /help $hget & /help $replace : ))
or better yet:
/help hash tables

/help hash tables : )

Check your INI file and enxure that the [Prices] heading is hard set to teh left hand side. I just noticed in your post that it's indented. I also noticed that one item (can't recall which one right now) has a space between the name and the = sign.

THe hashtable information was supplied correctly by me, so futher configuration was indeed a user's error. (There was no idententions or spaces)

Exclude any spaces between the " = " signs.
ITEM=Value should be the format, Value may have spaces, In ITEM underscores are used as spaces and is required. Thanks.

Note: How did this get a 5 star rating?

Yes very unusual. confused

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