The following script requires the person/bot that's running the script to have ops in the channel, and for the swear words to be in a text file called swear.txt with one word per line
 on @*:text:*:#:{
  var %a = 1, %b = $0
  while %a <= %b {
    if $read(swear.txt,nt,$gettok($1-,%a,32)) {
      inc -u86400 $+(%,swear.,$address)
      .msg $chan No swearing $nick
      .msg $chan This is your $ord($($+(%,swear.,$address),2)) warning
      if $($+(%,swear.,$address),2) > 2  {
        .ban -ku300 $chan $nick Swearing
        .msg $bnick No swearing in $chan
    inc %a

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