dialog test {
title "Test"
size -1 -1 800 300
tab "1", 1, 1 1 800 300
tab "2", 2
list 11 , 1 50 350 150, vsbar tab 1
Text "", 14, 355 82 400 68, tab 1
14 is the important part. To shorten the amount of things I have to provide, I will provide the pseudocode:

Clicking something in list 11 will trigger added lines to Text ID #14 which is read from an ini file. Each different item in the ini file, when read in the /did -a, is followed by a $crlf, so you could say it's somewhat like, /did -a (current text in id 14) $+ $crlf $+ (ini stuff here)

Note that the reading is not the problem. I could also do a different placing for each item, but that doesn't work either, and it's not very flexible.
Anyway, If I try to put in things that're very long into it, such as a link, it'll be cut off and things won't be viewable.

P.S. On another note, would someone care to explain how that dang scroll function works? (scroll "text", id, x y w h, style (top left bottom right horizontal range N N) ) I haven't been able to find any dialog tutorials with SCROLL function in it.

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