It is WAY too easy to break scripts that are designed to work over multiple servers. Scenario: say you want to measure lag, but you want to implement support to choose which server to monitor for users who use multiple servers. say the user selects '1'. the lag meter happily measures lag, no problem. but say they then open a new window, which is assigned a connection ID of 2, and then close the first window. effectively, the new window becomes the first connection, but retains the connection id of '2'. The script then cannot find the server it is trying to monitor, and poops itself frown

I would LOVE to see a command to CHANGE the connection ID for a server. it would be a simple matter to script a fix for these kinds of bugs, as users could monitor status windows using on *:CLOSE , and then change the connection id's suitably.

Either that, or dynamically update connection id's as needed: ie if user closed window 3, any servers after that have -1 taken from their connection id's.

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