Yeah ok, but like i said, when you run the while loop, if your file is large then you may lag your script if it has to scan the whole file just to see if the nick isnt in the file, the better way to do what you want is either the way i showed you, or the way aubs showed you, both would suffice just fine,

i made the on i gave you because you said you only wanted to add the nick if it wasnt already there,

the one he showed, will update the information each time the same nick is opped, but only have one entry for the nick,

[color:blue]both our formats to get what you want are fine, just depends on what exactly you want, but what your doing is like i said, may lag your script, and cause things to "malfuction" if the file is too large, and every time someone gets opped, it has to read EACH line from the file, cause thats what it does![color]