Wouldn't it be better for you to use an .ini file?

then you could log more details that would take just as much time and (I'd have thought) not much more processing time eg Nick=time:host:NickOpedBy:TheirHost

so when if you had:
on *:OP:#Mychan: {
  /writeini -n logging.ini op $nick $+($ctime,:,$right($address($nick,0),-2),:,$opnick,$right($address($nick,0),-2))

you get the folowing for example:

  • [op]
  • NightChillz=1039699127:nc@host.com:ChanServ:services@dal.net
  • Aubs=1039699727:aubs@aubs.port5.com:NightChillz:nc@host.com

this way, when you use /writeini if the nick already exists in [op] it is automatically overwritten

Don't know if this is too much info, but I thought it may have been a good idea wink you could also use it for bans/kicks/voice etc...

Hope it's not too much!!!

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