What hitting 'search' can solve...This script was on my 'wish-list' for a while, but the cookiething was too complicated for me to handle. I just tried the script (offcourse I edited the correct forum info) but it don't seem to work.

I must admit that I understand most of the code, got some sockets in my regular scripts too. However, the part I don't understand is the part where the error occurs (at least I think it does).

When using the 'bb.getid' alias, I get the echo: error: 4. Watching the on sockopen code, the problem is here:
on *:sockopen:bb.getid:{
  if $sockerr { echo -a error: $v1 | return }

So, it might point to the 'bb.encode' alias, which I don't understand crazy

Are there an thoughts on what I should edit? I know it's a long time ago since this threat ended, but I hope some guys are still in it smile

Thanks in advance wink