You can try here... it's not where I'll end up doing this, but it's the same format. I don't have the other board up yet until I figure out if it's possible to post from a socket.

If you want to test, just register with the nick you have here and try testing in the general forum. Afterwards, I'll just remove the posts.

Here's the general idea.

If an op or a user wants to ask about something, they can use a command in mIRC. The request gets posted on a forum that can only be posted to by an admin (I can set that up and set the socket to login to an admin account, so that's not a problem). Then, users and ops can view what was asked about, but no one can just start posting whatever they want directly on the forum. I'm basically just trying to make requests from users easier for the ops to deal with and this seems to be a very useful way for what I need.

So, what I need is the ability to:

a) login to the forum
b) post a message to the correct forum as a new topic (not a reply)


I socket the site and load the login page. I post the login information so that I am then logged in (I'd have to handle cookies probably at this point). Then, I move over into the forum that I want. This is simply a matter of GETTING the forum's URL. Then, I post a new topic. Might not be a bad idea to log out... I'm not sure. If you think the script needs to log out, then that should be added. If you think it's no big deal, then we don't need it. I'm the only one going to use it anyhow.

Any other questions, just let me know. Thanks for looking into this. I think I can handle the cookies and moving around the forum and such. My main concern is dealing with the posting of the topic and logging in.

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