Well, there is /onotice, which is very handy.. and i know you can do /notice +#chan <text> on some IRCd's but one intergrated into mIRC for all "known" status's would be very nice.. I am pretty sure this is a mIRC command and not IRCd related not sure... But the only issue i guess there would be is, there is such a difference in status for differnt IRCd's. Unreal uses ~&@%+, some places use !&@%+, some dont include halfop, some dont include ~. its hard to tell really, but if we could make something that would relay the text to just the "owner(s)" and voices and up, sort of a staff notice.. that would be pretty cool..

Also an.. isowner and isprotect would be nice to go along with isop and isvoice.

- Andrew Berquist, Windfyre Network