i have the following script but it doesn't work can someone please help me with it

on *:TEXT:*!friendsnick*:*:echo -a too add your nickname too my friends list just say this !addnick <yournickname> <realname>

on *:TEXT:!addnick *:#:{
  if ($2) && ($read(friends_nicks.txt,s,$2)) { 
    /notice $nick This name is already on my nickname list.
  if ($2 != $read(friends_nicks.txt,s,$2)) && ($2) { 
    write bday.txt $2,$3-
    /msg $chan Your nickname has been recorded under the name $2 $+ . 

on *:JOIN:#:{
  if ($joinnick == Hazza){
  echo -a you have been selected to add your nickname to my friends list
  echo -a add your nick by typing !friendsnick hopefully it all works :P

well if you can't help thanks for the time of reading a little 14 year old kids script

and thats the way the scout leader burns