First off, don't demand help. (the 2nd post you made, make it seem as if you're demanding it.. atleast to me.) The people that offer help on these forums dont get anything in return for offering the help. Nor do I think a couple hours is a significan time frame to expect an answer. Secondly(if you werne't demanding, this one still makes its point.), you've got to be clear in what you're looking for help with. Do you want to bot to notice everyone when they join? That can be done with.

 on *:JOIN:#Irc_Help: { if ($nick != $me)  .notice $nick Welcome to $chan $+ , I'm a help bot (or whatever you want it to say.) }  

or are you wanting the help bot to have an ~ prefix by it's name, to show it's a helpbot. That's could be achived by typing /mode #Irc_help +h <BotNick> depending on if it's supported or not. I'm not sure if any of this helped. But with such a broad request, nothing can be expected.