Thanks for the info...I really appreciate it. I used the panda software anti-virus and it found the virus located under C:\windows\system32\7y.dll. Thought that it was interesting...

Thanks for the link. I will keep it for future use.

Here is a description of the trojan:

Common name: IRC.Mirc
Technical name: Bck/IRC.Mirc.Based
Threat level: Low
Alias: Backdoor.IRC.mIRC-based Win32.IRCFlood BackDoor-GI
Type: Trojan
Effects: Its main objetive is to spread through chat programs such as mIRC.
Affected platforms: Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95
First appeared on: Nov. 28, 2002
In circulation? No

Brief Description:
IRC.Mirc is a Trojan that contains a dropper file and spreads through IRC chat applications. The dropper is a self-extracting file contains other viruses or Trojans. The effects of IRC.Mirc are particularly dangerous for Chat and IRCusers, as it uses programs like mIRC to carry out attacks on other computers.

Visible Symptoms:
IRC.Mirc is difficult to identify, as it does not display any messages or warnings that indicate that it has infected a computer.

Thanks Again!!