Well a friend helped me make a kick counter and it looks like this:

.KickBan (why):/kick # $$1 $$?="Reason:", KiCk: %kick.number | /ban $$1 2 | /inc %kick.number

%kick.number 0

And so when someone is kicked it is shown like this:

* maLina_ was kicked by PunkDude (bye KiCk: 92)

But now i want to replace KiCk: 92 just with <92> and here the problem appears i tried doing something but look what happens:

* interfan was kicked by PunkDude (‹%kick.number›)

How could i make it work ? Please help.

And i have one more question:

How do i set that kick reasons are used from some .txt file ?

Thank you for all your help. I look forward to your answers.

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