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Jump to new posts mIRC 7.55 released by Khaled @ 08/02/19 10:41 AM
Dear mIRC User, mIRC v7.55 has been released today. This version of mIRC is primarily a security release. mIRC users are advised to upgrade due to a security issue that may allow someone to trigger a remote code execution vulnerability in some situ
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Jump to new posts Re: How do you do `isnotin?` or `! isin`? by beer @ 07/02/19 07:39 PM
Tried the 3rd one again and now it's working so I must have had a typo or something before. Thanks maroon!
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Jump to new posts Re: /names reply not hidden by Tiago @ 06/02/19 03:31 PM
Thank you Khaled. Now it's working fine. Even with the option disabled, you can play the command manually. Beta version: 7.54.1017
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Jump to new posts Re: edit to help script to avoid ops by Orobas @ 06/02/19 02:11 PM
I've got it Raccoon Thanks for the ideas Code: on *:JOIN:#help: { set %.ch $chan if ($nick isop $chan) { halt } else if ($nick !isop $chan) .timer 1 3 CTCP $nick VERSION } on 1:CTCPREPLY:VERSION*:/onotice #help $nick is using IRC cli
Scripts & Popups Cancel this, the help info shows hard coded channel names for both on join and /join, but I am already using /join %channeltobejoined type of thing. I therefore assume that variables will also work on the On Join. Sorry for the question. Brain fina
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Jump to new posts Re: mIRC 'speech' - is possible to script the VR? by Raccoon @ 06/02/19 08:12 AM
Hi Julian, The text-to-speech synthesizer is not actually built-in to mIRC, but mIRC can command and control a speech component that has been installed on your computer. To read more about this feature, refer to this link about Microsoft Agent as w
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Jump to new posts Re: Timestamps in custom windows by Erasimus @ 05/02/19 12:06 AM
Issue resolved in another discussion. I had no idea that you could use /echo to output to a custom window. Both mirc.chn and WikiChip state that /echo is used on channel windows (#channel name) and status or active window with -s and -a respective
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Jump to new posts Re: Allow timestamp on /aline (etc.) via a switch by Erasimus @ 04/02/19 06:03 PM
Just checked it and it works, so this can be closed, as far as I am concerned
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Jump to new posts Re: Same ascii code for two keys on $keyval by Erasimus @ 04/02/19 02:42 PM
Just my thoughts (just as invalid as anyone else's) Quote:The resultat was because the DEL key return ascii code "46" instead of "127" 46 is the ascii code for dot, so the event occur when i press del and dot grin On any keyboar
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Jump to new posts Re: Toolbar Icon Size by Erasimus @ 03/02/19 12:48 PM
I just tried it too. My impression was that it enlargened the buttons, but not the icons within the buttonss.
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Jump to new posts Re: @search not working by maroon @ 02/02/19 11:53 AM
You're not the first person to post such a question, and we don't know. You're asking about a situation in a specific channel. The place to ask about a problem in that channel is to ask - in that channel. Or in a similarly named channel where the 're
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Jump to new posts Re: $emailaddr by Tiago @ 02/02/19 08:59 AM
Originally Posted By: RaccoonMaybe you're thinking about /ctcp Tiago finger All right. Now I realized the usefulness of the email field in the mIRC Options dialog. Thank you!
Connection Issues Update: regarding the display of the local host info. I have 'played around' with the settings in Tools, Options, Connect, Options and have tried every combination possible, All that is affected there is how the information is collected and, as a re
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Jump to new posts JTV by TroyL @ 01/02/19 03:37 AM
So in mIRC for Twitch jtv sets modes to moderators. But jtv is only setting modes in some channels that im connected too instead of all of them. Any help?
Feature Suggestions I would hope that any proposed fumctionality like this could be disabled (if implemented). As you have already stated, too many different ways of things being implemented across different IRC daemons. Unfortunately there are other considerations:
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Jump to new posts Add server in mIRC (server list) by Neo1981 @ 31/01/19 03:17 PM
Hi! How can I contact, for adding an Dutch server, toe the server list? irc.kletsnetwerk.eu
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Jump to new posts Re: [help] alias msg by Greeple @ 31/01/19 12:54 PM
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Jump to new posts Re: ident multiple networks by chillout @ 28/01/19 01:03 PM
That definitely makes sense Sat, now it is working like it should (technically), only... need people have code/scripting experience to make a custom UserID for each network? Isn't it easyier for endusers to implement that in the mirc options > ser
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Jump to new posts Re: /drawpic -l with -gN by Khaled @ 28/01/19 11:02 AM
Thanks for your bug report. You have bumped into backwards compatibility. As you may have noticed, the -g switch says you can load a small icon, a large icon, or the actual icon. Small means 16, large means 32, actual means... whatever the API decide
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Jump to new posts Re: $script* alias by Wims @ 27/01/19 09:06 PM
To be exact, some identifiers (but almost all directories identifiers) accept trailing text, it is very common to see in script something like "$scriptdirtest.txt" where test.txt is appended to the value of $scriptdir, just as though $+ wer
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Jump to new posts Re: display name by zKslol @ 26/01/19 09:27 AM
Originally Posted By: RaccoonYour username is your display name. If you prefer a different one, then you may have to create a new user login. I'm unaware of users having their names changed for them. Well that's the thing though: my login name is
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Jump to new posts Re: $rand bias by Khaled @ 25/01/19 12:20 PM
Thanks for testing it out. I have implemented your suggestion to mitigate the modulo bias. Testing with your script now shows an improved distribution. This will be in the next beta.
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Customizable line spacing? by eahm @ 24/01/19 09:48 AM
Can we have a more customizable line spacing between the lines? Some clients are personalizable through theme scripting and some others have it fixed, I only see three options in mIRC but I'd really like to see a wider range. Thanks.
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