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#259626 - 05/01/17 03:39 AM mIRC Easter Egg.
NrWarren Offline
Ameglian cow

Registered: 27/12/03
Posts: 37
Did you know, on the "About" page of mIRC,

that if you right click the mIRC icon, a little
tiny bouncing dot starts bouncing on the text below?

#259644 - 06/01/17 11:28 AM Re: mIRC Easter Egg. [Re: NrWarren]
KindOne Offline
Fjord artisan

Registered: 23/02/11
Posts: 280
Some of these have been removed in newer versions:

Type "arnie" in the about page.

Right click the about icon in the toolbar.


irc.swiftirc.net #msl (mIRC Scripting Language)

#259906 - 09/02/17 01:54 PM Re: mIRC Easter Egg. [Re: KindOne]
Raccoon Offline
Hoopy frood

Registered: 18/02/03
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Loc: New Mexico Tech
and Arnie's nose squeaks!
doiní things a particle can

#260296 - 26/03/17 06:41 PM Re: mIRC Easter Egg. [Re: Raccoon]
NightHawke Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 26/03/17
Posts: 1
Used to be in 4.X Kahled's nose did the squeaking. Lots of hilarity ensued from us geeks when we discovered that egg.